Interior and Exterior Wood Staining

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A professional Wood Staining Service is really important because there are many different types of wood used for decking material. While the most common is pressure-treated pine, some of the most beautiful are any of the exotic hardwoods. Woods such as Ipe, Redwood, Brazilian, Mahogany, Teak, and Pau Lupe are very sought after for deck owners looking for a gorgeous yet durable deck.

Hardwood decks, like other wood decks, are subjected to the elements and need to be protected with a deck stain or sealer. Hardwoods have different characteristics from more common wood types used in decking. As the name suggests, they are very hard or dense in nature. This means searching for the right deck stain when it comes to protection.

When looking for a hardwood deck stain look for special penetrating capabilities and one that is not prone to peeling. Special oils are used in hardwood stains that are able to dive into the dense hardwood and help condition the wood fibers. Without the penetrating ability, the stain would remain on top of the surface and would not provide any protection.

Professional and affordable wood staining service

Wood Staining

Mahogany Wood Staining

Your floors, your decks, your handrails and all mahogany wood surfaces can be restored with stain and with the too of your preference, you only need a specialist. We do it for you.

Interior & Exterior Wood Staining

Wood surfaces make your home more welcoming whether indoors or outdoors.We keep them looking new and extend their useful life with a good staining job.

Furniture Wood Staining

All your wooden furniture can be recovered or your kitchen cabinets, you just have to choose the right shade of stain and AME Pro Painters takes care of leaving them as new.