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Licensed, insured and affordable painting company in South Jersey.

Paint and staining services at the commercial level. If you require professional painting services for all types of structure, building or commercial place anywhere in South New Jersey, we can offer you the best prices, of course always applying the same quality of work and the best materials and brands for professional painting

When painting a commercial structure there are many factors that must be evaluated, and that only AME Pro Painters LLC can offer you, since we have painters with more than 15 years of experience in all types of surfaces.

The traffic of people, objects, furniture, etc. near or inside the building to be painted is one of the critical factors, in addition to the appropriate colors, preparation, and previous restoration. We evaluate everything at the moment of giving you a very good budget so that you are happy with your eyes and with your pocket.

We offer you free estimates, free color consultation, free visit, and of course great discounts on large volume paint jobs.

We offer many services at Commercial level

More of Our Services

AME Pro Painters LLC offers you professional services for all types of commercial structures. We are able to meet all types of projects and sizes, always with the same quality and professionalism.

We work directly with the owners of the properties or businesses, or also with contractors offering, of course, the best prices and top quality as always.

Call us and get your free estimate, a free visit or whatever your doubt you can contact us, we are always willing to listen to your proposal regarding a painting, power washing, drywall repair, cabinet painting, and much more.

Commercial Efficient Painting

Each surface to be painted is different, and therefore we must use the best tools to obtain the best result. That way we save time and money for our contractors.We are professionals because we are efficient and effective in every job, always thinking about your budget.

Wallpaper Removal

We do all the work if you got tired of seeing that wallpaper, remove it, repair the surface and then proceed with the final paint for an impressive result.We have the best techniques to remove wallpaper in large quantities, and of course, restore and clean the affected walls before painting work.

Power Wash

Pressure washing removes all types of dirt, moisture, fungi, insect larvae invisible to regular sight, as well as preventing certain diseases.If you have pets, a power washing job is critical at least every 3 months, the exteriors of your home, the floors of your garage, and any surface require a pressure wash.

High Detail Finishes

Finished with a high focus on detail in our standard in each of our jobs. Many paint companies neglect the details in the commercial paint, we always take care of detail in commercial painting since that depends on the duration and quality of the work, in addition to the fact that not only the residential paint requires care and attention to detail.

Total Cleanliness

We pay full attention to keep your furniture, floors and all your belongings totally clean and free of any stain. Cleaning in a paint project is not only after completion, an efficient paint job begins with a good cleaning plan before, during and after the paint job.

Guaranteed Service

Each of our projects has a guarantee for materials and labor. We have a professional license to offer you the best service. Ask about our guarantees in each of our commercial paint jobs, in addition to the special prices for paint jobs in condominiums or recurring offices.
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