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AME Pro Painters LLC, is a licensed, insured and affordable painting company founded by experts with more than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial painting.

Continuous improvement, quality in our services, cleanliness, care, and attention to the smallest details are the usual standards that move AME Pro Painters.

Our goal in each project is to exceed the expectations of our customers, always be one step ahead of our competitors.
As a Customer, you can be sure that any painting, restoration, renovation, cleaning, power washing, etc service that you put in our hands, will be executed with quality and attention to detail.

AME Pro Painters LLC.

Inspiring your world!



Experience on each of the members of our team, continuous learning and improvement.

Customer Service

More than offering a service, we are advisors for our clients.
Highly detailed painting company

Quality Assurance

We afford Quality Assurance services that approach each engagement as a partnership.

Upfront Pricing

We provide honest upfront pricing so that you know the real cost of your painting projects.

Each of our painters have extensive experience in residential and commercial paint jobs. As well as interior or exterior paint jobs.

At AME Pro Painters LLC we are looking for long-term clients, who refer us to more clients, and we know that this is only achieved with a client totally satisfied with their paint job, and that their money has been worth investing by hiring a paint company. painting.

From the contact with our clients we do it in a professional and transparent way, since we provide the same quality and guarantee in all types of work, small or large. Always using the best brands of paint, and the best materials.

At AME Pro Painters LLC we understand the value of your money and your investment. That is why we are always ready to offer you a completely free quote for your painting project, and also a color consultation.

We don’t skimp on time to find out exactly what you want and what you need. Therefore, we go to the place of your residence or the place of your project to evaluate it and give you the best budget.

Call us right now and make your appointment. We can make your estimate via video call, text message or WhatsApp message.

These are our contacts.

In a painting project there are many factors that determine the quality and the final result, some of them can only be known over time when the paint has been exposed to regular use, the weather, sun, rain, etc.

AME Pro Painters offers quality in each of your painting and power washing projects. It does not matter if it is small or large, we always use the same professional painters, the same quality materials and the same dedication to make your investment worthwhile.

AME Pro Painters has a principle, it is offer the best paint or pressure wash service in all of South Jersey, at a fair price; that’s why we only offer the service you require, nothing more, nothing less. Always thinking about the exact balance so that you are satisfied with your newly painted house, or freshly painted office, etc. and also with your pocket.

Each price or estimate has a very clear detail of the values ​​assigned for each item, painters’ labor, materials, paint, etc. That way you can be very calm with the price you are paying and that you are saving money by hiring AME Pro Painters for your painting project.

For large and recurring projects (frequent maintenance) of paint, we always have great discounts, as well as for contractors, condos, offices, real estate agents, etc. Call us and we can give you more details.